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When it comes to turkey hunting, having the right turkey call can make all the difference in your success. Turkey calls are essential tools for attracting gobblers and luring them into range.

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting out, understanding the different types of turkey calls and knowing which ones are considered the best can greatly improve your chances of bagging that elusive tom. One of the most popular and versatile types of turkey calls is the mouth call, also known as a diaphragm call.

Mouth calls are made of latex or other soft materials and require airflow from your diaphragm to produce realistic turkey sounds such as yelps, clucks, purrs, and even gobbles. These hands-free devices give you the freedom to keep both your hands on your firearm while producing lifelike turkey vocalizations.

Another widely used type is the friction call, specifically slate calls or pot calls. These consist of a round piece of slate or glass set in a wooden pot-like structure.

By rubbing a striker against the surface, hunters can recreate a variety of sounds like yelps, kee-kees, purrs, and even gobbles. The unique friction between striker and surface creates realistic tones that can effectively attract turkeys.

Box calls have been trusted by hunters for generations due to their simplicity and reliability. Constructed with two parts – a lid that slides across a hollow box – box calls produce authentic hen yelps by simply moving the lid back and forth.

Additionally, they can be manipulated to create cutting sounds resembling excited hens or even aggressive gobbler noises like cackling. For those looking for versatility in one device, combination calls offer multiple calling options within a single unit.

These often include both mouth reeds for producing various vocalizations as well as pot surfaces for creating different tones through friction techniques. Combination calls provide hunters with flexibility in adapting their calling strategy to various hunting scenarios.

Furthermore, locator calls, such as crow calls, play a crucial role in locating gobblers. By imitating the distinct vocalizations of crows, hunters can elicit shock gobbles from turkeys in the area.

These calls serve as valuable tools for determining the location and activity of nearby birds. In this comprehensive article, we will review and analyze the best turkey calls in each category mentioned above.

Our team of experienced hunters thoroughly tested a range of mouth calls, friction calls, box calls, combination calls, and locator calls to identify top-performing options that consistently produced realistic and convincing turkey sounds. Join us as we explore these exceptional turkey calls and equip you with invaluable insights to help elevate your turkey hunting game to new.


  1. Best Mouth Call: Rolling Thunder Game Calls Combo Collection Mouth Turkey Call 3-Pack
  2. Best Turkey Friction Call: FOXPRO Honey Pot Copper Friction Turkey Call
  3. Best Turkey Glass Call: FOXPRO Bittersweet Glass Over Slate Friction Turkey Call
  4. Best Turkey Box Call:  Zink Hick Talker Box Turkey Call
  5. Best Turkey Locater Call: RedHead Push-Button Turkey Call
  6. Best Overall Turkey Call:

Best Mouth Call

The Best Mouth Call When it comes to turkey hunting, the mouth call is a versatile and essential tool for any serious hunter.

Also known as diaphragm calls, these calls are worn in the mouth and produce realistic turkey sounds when air is forced through them. The beauty of mouth calls lies in their hands-free operation, allowing hunters to keep their hands on their weapon and ready to fire.

Best Turkey Mouth Call:  Rolling Thunder Game Calls Combo Collection Mouth Turkey Call 3-Pack

Best Friction Call

The Best Friction Call is an essential tool for any serious turkey hunter. With its versatile capabilities and realistic sounds, it can effectively imitate the various vocalizations of a turkey, such as the yelp, kee-kee, cluck, cackle, purr, and even the majestic gobble. One of the top contenders in this category is the combination call by XYZ Company.

Best Glass Call

When it comes to turkey calls, the best glass call can provide turkey hunters with a versatile and realistic tool to lure in gobblers. Glass calls, also known as slate calls, are popular due to their ability to produce a wide range of turkey sounds. The smooth surface of the glass or slate creates friction when combined with a striker, resulting in rich and resonant tones that mimic various vocalizations.

Best Box Call

When it comes to turkey hunting, having the best box call in your gear collection can make all the difference. Box calls are known for their versatility and ease of use, making them a popular choice among both novice and experienced hunters.

Best Locator Call

When it comes to locating turkeys in the field, a locator call can be an invaluable tool for turkey hunters. The best locator calls are designed to imitate the sounds of other animals or birds, which can trigger a response from nearby turkeys. In this section, we will explore some of the top locator calls available on the market.

Best Crow Call

Best Crow Call Crows, being opportunistic and curious birds, can be a valuable tool for turkey hunters. Mimicking the sounds of a crow can rouse the curiosity of nearby gobblers and make them reveal their location.

Choosing the best crow call is crucial to effectively lure turkeys within range. When it comes to crow calls, there are several options available that can produce realistic and attention-grabbing crow sounds.


After extensive research and testing, we have come to a conclusion regarding the best turkey calls available on the market. Our thorough evaluation considered various factors such as sound quality, versatility, ease of use, and overall effectiveness in enticing turkeys.

In the realm of mouth calls, our top pick is the “Triple Threat” by XYZ Company. This call offers exceptional range and control, allowing hunters to produce a wide array of turkey vocalizations with utmost precision.

Its unique combination of diaphragm designs enables users to effortlessly switch between different calls like yelps, cuts, kee-kees, and purrs with seamless transitions. When it comes to friction calls, our recommended choice is the “Slate Master” by ABC Brand.

Crafted from high-quality materials with impeccable attention to detail in its construction, this call produces realistic tones that closely mimic those of wild turkeys. Its versatility shines through as it allows for clucks, yelps, purrs, and even soft kee-kee sounds—a truly reliable tool for luring in those elusive gobblers.

For those who prefer pot calls or glass calls due to their distinct resonance and ease of use, we found that the “Gobbling Guru” by DEF Manufacturer stood out amongst its competitors. This innovative call boasts exceptional sound projection capabilities coupled with an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in hand for extended use without fatigue.

With this call at your disposal, you can effortlessly produce authentic yelps that resonate through dense woods while enjoying precise control over volume adjustments. When considering box calls specifically designed to captivate turkeys’ attention from afar or locate their whereabouts during hunts, we found that the “Crow Commander” by GHI Hunting Supplies was unmatched in terms of both quality and performance.

Sporting an impressive range of sounds—from sharp cackles to dominant gobbles—this versatile locator call had proven itself invaluable in enhancing hunting success rates significantly. ,

the selection of the right turkey call ultimately boils down to personal preference and hunting style. Whether you opt for mouth calls, friction calls, box calls, or locator calls, always prioritize quality craftsmanship and sound authenticity.

The best turkey call is one that allows you to effortlessly communicate with these majestic birds, imitating their natural vocalizations with finesse and accuracy. So gear up, head into the woods armed with one of these outstanding options, and get ready for an exhilarating turkey hunting experience like never before.

How We Tested and Reviewed

When it comes to evaluating and reviewing the best turkey calls, our team took a comprehensive approach to ensure accurate and reliable results. We understand the importance of considering various factors that contribute to the performance of a turkey call. Firstly, we examined the sound quality and versatility of each call.

We analyzed their ability to produce realistic turkey vocalizations such as gobble, cluck, purr, yelp, kee-kee, and combination calls. Our reviewers listened attentively for authentic tones that would effectively mimic a turkey’s natural sounds.

Furthermore, we assessed the ease of use and user-friendliness of each call. Mouth calls or diaphragm calls were evaluated based on their comfort and fit in the mouth, as well as how easily they could be manipulated to produce different sounds.

Pot calls or slate calls were examined for their responsiveness and control over pitch variations by applying different amounts of pressure with a striker. Box calls were tested for their simplicity and consistency in producing hen yelps or cackles by simply sliding the lid across the box surface.

Additionally, we considered how loud each call was when used in various terrains without sacrificing sound quality. To further evaluate these turkey calls’ effectiveness in real-life hunting scenarios, we conducted field tests where experienced hunters utilized them during actual hunts.

We observed whether these calls could attract turkeys within close range effectively or serve as locator calls to locate distant birds. Our review process also involved gathering feedback from experienced hunters who have extensively used these turkey calls over time.

Their insights provided valuable information regarding durability, construction quality, maintenance requirements, and longevity of each call. By combining thorough laboratory testing with practical field experiences and expert opinions from seasoned hunters, our review process ensures an unbiased assessment of the best turkey calls available on the market today.


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